Call for Participation: We are looking forward to your submissions!

TL;DR: Our Call for Participation is online! Read and submit at:

The MRMCD 2023 revolve around the question "Who owns reality?". To address it, we are looking for talks and workshops that address IT security, privacy, eGovernment, fake news, deep fakes, machine learning, "AI & copyright" or anything else, that comes to your mind. Please submit your talks for MRMCD 2023 by July 30, 2023.

If you would like to submit a talk but are not yet sure if your idea fits the conference or how to present your idea: please do not hesitate to contact us at chatbot (et) Even if you haven't given a talk yet - we gladly support aspiring prompt artists. If you can think of someone you think we should invite, we'd also be happy to hear from you via email. We gladly host talks and other content presented in English and German. If you want to present in other languages than those, please reach out to us so that we can help you with your idea.

Further information on submissions can be found at and submissions can be made from now until 30 July 2023 at