Call for Proposals has ended, Call for Participation has begun

Our CfP is over, and our content team is already hard at work creating a timetable, to make this year's event once again the best MRMCDs of all time.

But now it's your turn: Here's how you can help us make it a great conference.

For all "Engel", and those who want to become one, we now have an Engelsystem at where you can already register an account. The shift schedule will follow in the next few days. "Engel" (German for angel) are volunteers who help for a couple of hours with making our neverending breakfast, recording the talks and other tasks you can find in the "Engelsystem".

A novelty this year, is our new wiki system at Here you will (hopefully) find all relevant information about the event and will be able to create your own self-organized sessions. Everything under the "MRMCD23:" namespace is freely editable by every logged in user.

If you have questions or problems with anything, don't hesitate to contact us via chat or social media. All channels are documented in the wiki Wiki

Yours truly, the MRMCD2023 fact-checkers