Final Anouncement


In less than a week, we'll see each other at MRMCD in Darmstadt! Today, we want to send you a bunch of information that will contribute to us all experiencing an amazing event.


We want you to bring memories and inspiration back to your home reality, but no virus infections. We therefore ask you to participate in the following two, very simple measures to reduce the risk at the event:

  • If you feel sick / have symptoms, stay at home. Really. It hurts, but there will be another great event in the future, promised.

  • Do a covid self-test before you travel to the event, and ideally a daily one during the event. We'll have a sufficient number of free test kits on site that everyone can do a test every day. Just take some on the first day and use them on the other days before you come to the event.


For every sold ticket we sent an e-mail with a download link. If you didn't receive one, please contact us at

Please show it at the entrance. You can show it digitally, let's save some paper!

BYOL (Bring Your Own Lanyard)

We will have badges/name tags on side, but no lanyards (the things you use to wear a badge around your neck). If you've been on conferences before, you probably have a dozen of them in your drawer, just like us. If you bring two (one for you and one for someone else who forgot), there will be enough for everyone and we can save some waste!


Some aspects of reality are not going away: An event like this is a lot of work. And since MRMCD are a community event completely based on volunteer work with no paid organizers, we will also need a lot of help from all of you during the event. There are lots of tasks to help with during teardown, event, and buildup. Even if you only want to spend two hours helping, it still helps a lot! You can find the shift planning in our Engelsystem.


In case you missed it, we have assembled an amazing schedule for the event with lots of exciting talks and workshops.


We have set up a Wiki that can be used to coordinate self-organized sessions, find arbitrary things or invent other, innovative content for the event!


We have collected some tips on how to get to the venue with maps, bus lines, etc. (in German for now).


Our friends from Eventphone will be on site and build a local telephone network. You can connect to the network using SIP or, most importantly, with a DECT-compatible handset telephone. You might already have one from your cordless landline phone. A list of compatible devices is available in the Eventphone Wiki. You can already sign up for your number in GURU.

Last-Minute Information

For all last-minute information yet to come, we recommend keeping an eye on our Fediverse account.

Any questions? Just email us at

We're looking forward to seeing you in Darmstadt next week!

Yours truly, the MRMCD2023 fact-checkers